Kshaar, Lake Salt (Crystal) + Lake Salt (Powder) + Black Salt (Pack of 3 x 800g),(800g each)

720.00 ₹ 800.00

Kshaar's lake Salt (Crystal), lake Salt (Powder), and Black Salt

Naturally sourced: Kshaar Lake Salt (both crystal and powder) is produced in an uncontaminated, chemical-free environment by Hindustan Salts Limited, a government of India undertaking. It is sun-dried for a period of 9-12 months and does not undergo any chemical-refining process. The Kshaar salts have two variants: The beautiful pink salt crystal form and the crushed lake salt crystals into a powder form for convenient use. 

The Black Salt is produced by making natural value additions to the Lake Salt. The salt is mixed with Triphala and Babul bark and fired in an earthen pot over upla and charcoal for 24-28 hours, at temperatures as high as 700-800 degree celsius.

Health benefits: The Lake Salt helps in maintaining the pH level of the body and provides a healthy balance of acidity and alkalinity.

It regulates acidity, heartburn and improves gut health. It also helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body. On the other hand, the Black Salt significantly helps in reducing heartburn, bloating and flatulence. It also helps in dissolving fat by increasing solubility of digestive enzymes, thereby resulting in weight loss. It also works wonders in curing indigestion by acting as a natural laxative.

Usage: Use the Kshaar Lake crystal salt for daily cooking needs by crushing or pounding to add fresh flavor to your meals. The crystals of the lake salt are crushed into a powdered form for your convenience to create the Lake Salt (Powder), recommended for daily cooking needs and consumption. It is also used for pickling or curing for preservation of food.

The Black Salt can be used as condiment in preparing various raitas, chutneys, masalas, etc. It can also be used in buttermilk, juices, panipuri and can be sprinkled over snacks, salads and chaats.

Make everyday eating healthy: Add Kshaar Salt, a perfect seasoning to your meals and make every day eating tastier and healthier.

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