Kshaar Salt is a unique pink colored LAKE salt. Unlike other pink salts, which are mined in the Himalayan mountains. Kshaar Salt is extracted through a small and specific section of Sambhar Lake, near the city of Jaipur, in Rajasthan, India. This salt is thus limited in availability and priceless.

Kshaar salt is a rare treasure of mother earth since it is naturally blessed with a variety of therapeutic and health benefits. It is a sun-dried salt, dried for 9 to 12 months, with naturally embedded iodine and 54 + minerals. The most unique feature of this salt is that unlike any other salt available in the market, it has a pH value of around 9.5, making it a highly alkaline salt.

Daily usage of Kshaar salt helps regulate the acid alkaline balance, aids metabolism and gives a number of digestive and neurological benefits

Iodine is important for healthy thyroid and other metabolic functions. Unlike other salts where iodine is added inorganically, Kshaar Salt contains naturally embedded iodine, which can be attributed to the unique algae ecosystem seen in a small and specific section of the Sambhar lake from where it is extracted.

When consumed daily, it helps fulfill the iodine requirements of the body. Kshaar is thus a healthy and a wise option to chemically added iodized salts.

The high alkalinity in Kshaar Salt is very effective in reducing acidity in the body. In the stressed out lifestyles of today, most people tend to have higher acid levels in the body that can create long term health issues. Kshaar Salt is the only salt in the market with a pH value close to 9.5 which makes it a healthy alkaline salt.

Adding Kshaar to your daily foods helps maintain a perfect balance of acidity and alkalinity in the body, giving long term good effects on overall gut health. Results are best experienced through daily usage of this salt in all cooking needs. For those with acidity, it helps bring down acidity levels and for all others, it helps regulate and maintain the pH balance on a long-term basis

Kshaar Salt is a healthier alternative to both rock salts and other table salts, owing to its exquisite natural features and unique health benefits. It should be used daily to experience the positive effects on overall health. Kshaar salt enhances the taste of every food item across multiple cuisines. For the ones who have adopted age-old traditional cooking style, Kshaar is available in crystal form too. Crush, pound or grind it to get fresh flavor.

Most natural salts are hygroscopic, which means they attract natural moisture. You are advised to store Kshaar in an airtight container, in a dry place. Keep the lid tightly closed always and never use a wet spoon.